How to safely remove your Coachella wristband

So you want to keep your Coachella bracelet for old time sake (like me) and are hoping to loosen and remove it without damaging it. Perhaps you think the concert was just too amazing to destroy your expensive entrance token. I found a few solutions online (such as using a part of a straw), but none as simple as the following approach.

In order to remove safely, twist the dangling, extra part of the fabric really, really tight. You’ll notice that the stopper with its sharp “teeth” are no longer puncturing the fabric. When it’s very tight, hold it with the hand your wristband is on (or get a friend to hold it), and now start twisting the plastic stopper in the same direction over the twisted fabric. Eventually, it will start traveling up the fabric. You can either remove it entirely or just enough so that you can slide it off.

You can now slide the stopper back down the wristband and pretend you just performed a magic trick for your friends. Or throw away the stopper altogether and frame the wristband for posterity. Until next year…

Thanks to Samiur for the suggestion!

3 thoughts on “How to safely remove your Coachella wristband

  1. Shea

    PERFECT! This concept was fantastic and both our wristbands came off easily with no tears whatsoever! Well done sir!


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